Cloud technology has made it possible for everyone to innovate quickly, in completely new ways and at a far lower cost than ever before. For this reason, the future pioneers in every sector will be whoever can maximize the myriad of opportunities availed by emerging cloud technologies.

At Easy Cloud, we give enterprises the ability to adopt the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and at scale. Freeing our customers from traditional IT models enables them to innovate and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Established in 2010, Easy Cloud began with the goal of helping small to medium businesses migrate to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Microsoft Office 365 for email and operations, WordPress for websites, and Untangle for security.

In more recent years, we have evolved and entered the DevOps space by leveraging the popularity of emerging cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Now we are undergoing our latest iteration. Easy Cloud is an AI-powered, ChatGPT-inspired incubator specializing in AI solutions deployed on AWS.