Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Besides the tech stuff below, here is one of our key differentiators.

We are a team of AWS-certified, DevOps engineers specializing in AWS and WordPress, and we are here to serve you.

Server Setup

Most companies host hundreds of websites on a single server. At Easy Cloud, we host no more than 10 websites on a single Shared Server.

For those needing more performance, or custom development and integrations, you can select our Dedicated Server plan.

For those needing a dedicated web server and a dedicated database server, or a highly available infrastructure, you can select our Enterprise plan.

Server Security-Hardened

Each server provisioned by Easy Cloud is security-hardened from the word go. The ability to log in via SSH is disabled for the root user (you log in with your user account and use sudo to run commands as root). The firewall only allows connections to Nginx and SSH, with failed SSH attempts monitored and blocked when they reach a certain threshold. Nginx is configured to defend against XSS, clickjacking, MIME sniffing, and other attacks.

In our Shared Server plan, we implement security isolation for each site that is added to one of our servers. When a new site is provisioned, a new system user is created for that site. All site files are owned by the site user and a PHP-FPM pool is configured to run as that user. Each site only has access to its own files. So if one site has a security vulnerability and gets infected with malware, for example, only the files for that site can be infected.

Easy Cloud configures your server to install security updates as soon as they are available, reducing the likelihood of a software vulnerability putting your server at risk.

Easy Cloud also regularly checks if your WordPress install, themes, or plugins need an update, notifies us of these updates, and allows us to automatically run them on your behalf.

Latest & Greatest Software

We take the latest release of Ubuntu LTS and install the latest stable versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL and Redis from the standard repos. No “who-knows-what-they-did” custom builds of packages.

With those who are tech savvy, you will be granted ssh/sftp access to your server, whether on a Shared or Dedicated Server Plan. For the rest, we will take care of all security patches and software updates.

Leveraging AWS to Accomplish Site Auto-Healing

We’ve all been there. You check your site in the morning and it’s down. You call tech support and you’re put on hold. In the meantime, you are losing potential business.

Why does this happen? If you are using WordPress, site problems can be caused by an outdated or unsupported PHP version, an outdated or poorly coded WordPress theme, or an outdated or buggy WordPress plugin.

At Easy Cloud, we mitigate these technical issues that cause downtime using several strategies.

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Free SSL/TLS Certificates or Provide Your Own

When you add a site to SpinupWP, you can choose between providing your own SSL certificate or allowing us to acquire a free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for you and installing and configuring it for your site. SpinupWP handles Let’s Encrypt certificate renewals as well, so you hardly need to think about certificates.

Cloudflare CDN Configured by Default

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.

A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. The popularity of CDN services continues to grow, and today the majority of web traffic is served through CDNs, including traffic from major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

A properly configured CDN may also help protect websites against some common malicious attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.

Scheduled Backups of Site Files & Database

All server providers (DigitalOcean, Linode, etc.) offer automated backups of your entire server for a fee. These services are great and we highly recommend having backups of your whole server.

But what happens if some media or data was deleted by accident from your WordPress site? You’re not going to restore your entire server just to get that data back.

That’s where site backups come in.

Site backups can be configured to only backup your database, only backup your site files (media, themes, and plugins), or create a full backup of both database and site files. Once backed up, contact us and we can easily restore your site. Give us the time and frequency and we can configure daily backups at a specific time of your choosing with a 7 day retention.

In addition, for those on the Dedicated Server plan, we will also take daily snapshots with a 7 day retention.

With SpinupWP’s site backups, you choose your preferred provider to stash your backups, whether that’s Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, or Backblaze.

Caching: Page Cache + Object Cache

Caching is one of the keys to a high-performing WordPress site. All sites are set up with Redis object caching to greatly reduce database requests. With the check of a box, you can also enable full-page caching to serve pages lightning fast without even hitting PHP. Caching rules for WordPress core and popular plugins like WooCommerce are preconfigured.

Easy Cloud also implements browser caching, which caches static assets like CSS, JavaScript, fonts, images, etc., in the browser. This prevents these assets from being re-downloaded on every request. Additionally, static assets are compressed using gzip to reduce their file size.

Browser caching combined with gzip compression significantly reduces the amount of data transferred to the browser and makes navigating between pages on your site feel instant.

Server Level Redirects

Millions of people use the great and powerful Redirection plugin for WordPress to manage site redirects. In fact, we use it ourselves and are big fans. While a plugin has its place, we also have a need for creating much more performant redirects at the web server level, avoiding executing PHP and WordPress. At Easy Cloud, we provide a way to create and manage two types of Nginx redirects quickly and easily.

Domain Redirects let you redirect from one domain to another, or from one subdomain to another on the same apex domain.

With Path Redirects, you can redirect any path on a single domain to any URL. It provides support for both plain text string and regular expressions, which allows you to create redirect patterns to match any URL structures. You’re even able to use regex variables to match URL parameters and pass them to the target URL.

Scheduled Posts Published on Schedule

For every site you add via Easy Cloud, a server-side cron job will be configured to make sure that your WordPress site’s cron is executed every minute, as it should be.

Deploy Code on Your Server via Git Push

We have good news for Developers. Add a git repository to your Easy Cloud site, define the branch to deploy from, and simply push to that branch to deploy your code. GitHub, Bitbucket, or a custom git repo will work. Composer is available on all Easy Cloud sites by default, and it’s 100% compatible with Composer-based WordPress boilerplate projects like Bedrock. You can even configure a build script to run additional tasks on the server after a deployment is complete.

Easy Site Cloning and Staging

Need to deploy a staging site quickly? No problem! Contact us and we would be happy to create a complete copy of an existing site, which includes all files, the database, and server configuration. Ready to upgrade your site to a newer version of PHP but want to ensure your site is compatible? That’s where site cloning comes in. Create a staging site with a few simple clicks, then test the new PHP version in an isolated environment without impacting your live site. Once you’re confident in the changes, we’ll flip the switch on your site.

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