Migration Expertise & Guidance

The decision to migrate to the public cloud can be daunting. Easy Cloud is here to help. There is no cookie-cutter playbook that will fit all migrations. Starting with discovery meetings, we will come up with a migration roadmap that is best suited for your organization.

We will take into account all critical factors, including the timeline, the current state of the environment, the types of applications and technology used, and storage and network requirements.

Based on the outcome of these discovery sessions, we will define the strategy. It can range from a standard Lift and Shift, to a complete overhaul and redesign of your existing applications while leveraging the primary benefits of the cloud: performance boost, high availability using multiple data centers/zones, enhanced security and cost-optimization.

Recommended Approach: Avoid the Pitfalls of Mass Migration

For far too long we’ve believed that a lift and shift migration is the quick and simple answer. The reality – lift and shift is a method that is driven by duplicate, error-prone work that’s not scalable, reliable, cost-effective, or manageable in the long-term. Instead, Onica employees a pipeline-driven approach to migration, which utilizes continuous delivery techniques to bring acceleration, automation, repeatable processes, and a clear operating model to any migration.


Our tactical deployment services team utilizes agile, along with a DevOps approach to create a templated and replicable process that can be leveraged for both migrations and updates.


Our proven method for migrating to AWS utilizes sustainable automation to ensure a simplified & replicable deployment allowing for easy adjustment with minimal work.


Development, testing, and deployment processes are transformed to the latest technology for continued use and optimized through AWS tools for long-lasting ROI.