Healthcare providers around the world are using AWS to deliver improved care to their patients. AWS reduces the time and effort required to run existing workloads, and also provides access to powerful new analytics capabilities, all while meeting the security and privacy requirements that you expect. You can save resources by using affordable archiving solutions, save space in your hospital by putting your backup servers in the cloud, and also take advantage of new ways to manage patient information in your hospital information systems.

Content Production in the AWS Cloud

Trade Capital Expense for Operational Expense

Efficiently Deliver Care

Healthcare providers are dealing with multiple pressures that are impacting the bottom line. AWS helps solve this problem by offering services that are pay-as-you-go, with no minimum spend requirements, long-term contracts, or technical lock-in.

Benefit from Massive Economies of Scale

Improve your Security and Compliance Posture

By running on AWS, you gain access to an environment built for the world’s most secure organizations. In addition, AWS makes security easier by managing over 1800 security controls so that you don’t have to.

Accelerate Innovation, Increase Agility

Broad Cloud-based Ecosystem

AWS can help connect you with the right resources to implement your project. In addition to support offered directly by AWS, the AWS Partner Network (APN) includes technology and consulting partners covering a wide range of applications, and the AWS Marketplace offers healthcare software you deploy with one click.

“We’re running 3x the number of servers in AWS than we were in a traditional data center, for about the same cost.”

Joe Booth, Director, Web and New Media Group


“As we began shifting our efforts from focusing on physical data center audits, AWS made us confident the cloud would support healthcare organizations’ data exchange under the stringent model we’ve always followed.”

Lee Barrett, Executive Director

Orion Health

“I think the scale and the compliance of AWS and the market acceptance now of healthcare [applications] running on AWS is pretty exciting to us.” 

David Bennett, EVP of Healthier Populations