Amazon Lightsail allows for those interested in AWS to ease into it. The pricing is similar to Digital Ocean.

What is Amazon Lightsail? Here is a quick summary.

Lightsail Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Experience the power and reliability of AWS. Deploy in seconds and manage from the intuitive Lightsail management console or API.

Powerful API

Use the simple and flexible Lightsail API to extend your application or integrate it with external applications.

Highly available storage

Every Lightsail server comes with high-performing, persistent SSD-based block storage.

Speedy and secure networking

Lightsail servers run at warp speed on the AWS network. Configure your network simply and securely, including your IP addresses, DNS, firewall, and more.


Protect your data, clone your server, and more with Lightsail snapshots. Take and manage snapshots for $0.05/GB per month.

Access to AWS Services

Extend the capabilities of your Lightsail server by connecting it to popular AWS services, including managed databases, CDN, and many others.

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