As Atlassian products have become mission-critical to you, you’ve told us to focus on four key areas: high availability, performance at scale, deployment flexibility, and authentication and control. And now we’ve delivered! Our recent Data Center investments represent these four pillars that you’ve helped us identify.

In addition to our current Data Center products that we offer today, we are excited to announce two new additions to our Data Center family – HipChat and Crowd Data Center. HipChat Data Center is now in public beta. Crowd Data Center is in a closed private beta, but you can still learn all about its exciting features and sign up to get notified when the public beta is available below.

HipChat Data Center: self-hosted enterprise chat, built for teams


We’ve heard from many of you that you need a chat tool that provides you with uninterrupted communications, the ability to scale as your organization grows, and chat that integrates with the tools your teams need to do their jobs. Perhaps for you, HipChat is a central command center where all systems come together and provide teams with the data they need to communicate and quickly make decisions. When HipChat is down, you have to fall back on other systems to communicate, breaking your teams’ workflows and creating inefficiencies.

For those of you who consider HipChat as mission critical, our team has built a highly-available and scalable chat solution that includes:

High availability:

Is downtime unacceptable in your organization? Engineered for high availability with an active-active clustering configuration, HipChat Data Center makes sure that teams can collaborate without interruption, even in the event of a hardware failure.


Do you need control over where your software is deployed? HipChat Data Center allows you to control how you deploy and manage your chat solution to meet legal and information security needs.

Scalability and extensibility:

Teams that work together should be able to communicate and collaborate on a single platform. With HipChat Data Center, you can deploy HipChat across your entire organization, eliminating silos and ensuring strong cross-functional communication accelerating your team’s workflow. Integrate HipChat with the rest of the tools your team uses to accomplish work faster and more efficiently.


Crowd Data Center: enterprise identity management, built for high availability


A number of you manage multiple Atlassian products. We’ve heard that this is often a challenge, especially when it comes to identity and user management. We understand many of you want a way to centralize the user bases from all of your directories in one location. You also want to ensure that if this central location experiences downtime, your users will still be able to access the tools they need to do their jobs. Crowd Data Center’s active-active clustering minimizes downtime and ensures that hardware failures won’t impact the productivity and performance of your team.

To solve this issue, our team has built a reliable, highly available solution for centralized user and identity management that aims to provide you with:

Uninterrupted access:

Its active-active clustering configuration minimizes downtime and ensures that hardware failures will no longer impact the productivity and performance of your team. In the case of an external directory failure, Crowd Data Center enables you to define multiple failover directories to reduce the impact caused by users not being able to login to applications connected to Crowd.

Control and visibility:

Crowd Data Center acts as a single source of truth by allowing you to manage all your users, groups, and directories in one central place. You can eliminate the need to involve IT and other units responsible for LDAP management within your company. Crowd’s built-in audit log also improves your control and provides an additional layer of security by allowing you to track configuration changes.

Integration flexibility:

It easily integrates with your current identity infrastructure and supports a variety of integration options out the box to fit your needs. You can even use 3rd party add-ons with Crowd to further integrate with your custom infrastructure.