Onica, one of the largest and fastest-growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting and Managed Service Partners, today announced its acquisitions of Sturdy Networks, LLC and NetBrains, Inc. The company now boasts more than 250 AWS certifications, 9 competencies, and a customer base consuming over $150 million of AWS services a year.

“We have long held Sturdy and NetBrains in high regard due to their forward-thinking technical strength,” said Stephen Garden, CEO of Onica, which recently spun out of CorpInfo with a $20 million growth equity investment. “Coming together with Sturdy and NetBrains allows us to support customers with a broader set of capabilities, fully capitalizing on AWS innovation to transform their businesses using the cloud.”

The expertise added by Sturdy and NetBrains will help Onica customers cloud-enable apps and reap the full economic benefits of moving to the AWS platform. Specifically, Onica expects to immediately bring more value to its customers by leveraging Sturdy and NetBrains’ proven capabilities in cloud-native application development, IoT applications, and serverless solutions.

Additionally, the company is expanding its ability to support usage of Amazon SageMaker, Aurora Serverless, AWS Fargate, and other compelling products, helping its customers maximize the continuous stream of opportunities brought by serverless innovation. Expectations for the newly formed company are high. Gartner has predicted strong growth for the future of cloud services, with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leading the way at 36.6 percent growth in 2017, reaching $72.4 billion by 2020.

Tolga Tarhan, founder of Sturdy and now CTO of Onica said, “I’m excited to harness the strengths of our combined technical teams. The enhanced breadth and depth of talent and expertise will give us an unprecedented ability to build and deploy innovative products and solutions for our customers.”

Other founding members of the Sturdy and NetBrains management team now joining Onica’s senior ranks are Amir Kashani, VP of Engineering and Ginger Siedschlag, Head of Program Management.

NetBrains, Inc. was established as a product oriented software development company in 2009. Company leaders quickly saw the benefits of AWS and expanded into DevOps services for cloud deployments leading to the partnership and formation of Sturdy Networks, LLC. Sturdy has been at the forefront of AWS innovation with a focus on cloud-native application development using serverless technologies such as Lambda and a booming practice around the Internet of Things (IoT).

Onica joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) in 2013. The company has led some of the fastest, most complex migrations onto the AWS Cloud and is poised for significant growth in the months and years to come. Since raising $20 million in funding from Sunstone Partners, Onica has embarked on significant investment and expansion around its managed cloud services platform, which has now become a global support operation backed with custom developed operations tooling.

“Onica appreciates and understands how AWS innovates at lightning speed, and we are determined to continually reinforce our expertise for the benefit of our growing customer base,” remarked Garden. “The news we announced today is just the tip of the iceberg.”

About Onica Group LLC

Onica (onica.com) is a cloud consulting and managed services company, helping businesses enable, operate, and innovate on the cloud. From migration strategy to operational excellence and immersive transformation, Onica is a full spectrum integrator, helping hundreds of companies realize the value, efficiency, and productivity of the cloud.

About Sturdy Networks, LLC

Sturdy Networks, LLC (sturdy.cloud) is a cloud enabler based in Irvine, California. The company designs, implements, and maintains cloud infrastructure for SaaS offerings, cloud-connected devices, mobile apps, and IoT solutions. Sturdy serves clients by providing enterprise software, consumer-facing applications, medical devices, and industrial automation solutions. Founded in 2012 to focus on cloud migration, automation, deployment, and architectural design, Sturdy is recognized by AWS as a Premier Consulting Partner in the APN, a member of the AWS Commercial Reseller Program, and is an AWS DevOps, Healthcare, and IoT Competency Partner.

About NetBrains, Inc.

NetBrains, Inc. (netbrains.com) focuses on helping businesses understand and solve their technology challenges. They are an experienced team of software engineers that specialize in product management, product-oriented software engineering, and the Internet of Things.